Rain lashed various parts in thoothukudi

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Yet, farmers deem it a boon; fishing operations continue

Rain lashed various parts of the district since Monday bringing cheers to people. Cold weather has been prevailing in Thoothukudi and other parts of the district following the rainfall.


Yet, the district faces deficit rainfall of 234.2 m.m. as on Tuesday, against the annual average rainfall of 662 m.m. The average rainfall recorded from January to November was 568.20 m.m., but only 333.92 mm rainfall was received so far, sources said. However, farmers were happy as the recent spell of rain in the last few days in various pockets of Vilathikulam has come as a boon. P. Murugesan, general secretary, Southern Dry Land Farmers’ Association, Pudur, said sunflower was sown in pockets of Vilathikulam, Kadalkudi, Nagalapuram and Pudur to compensate the failure of sorghum and bajra. More rain is predicted in the coming days and farmers are keeping their fingers crossed.

He urged the district administration to promote inland fish culture in ooranies, which are filled with rainwater. It would generate source of revenue for panchayats and villagers too could consume protein-rich fish food.

Fishing operations continued as usual as there was no warning to restrict fishermen. A total of 31 mechanised boats ventured into the sea on Tuesday. Only when there was a forecast of gusty winds and heavy downpour, fishermen would be advised to stay away from sea but there was not even a caution, Joint Director of Fisheries R. Amal Xavier said.

Among the 19 rain gauge stations, Kayathar received the maximum rainfall (in m.m.) of 30, followed by Thoothukudi 25.70, Ettayapuram 25, Tiruchendur 20, Kovilpatti 4, Ottapidaram 19, Sathankulam 9.20, Srivaikuntam 13.50, Vilathikulam 9, Kayalpattinam 8.20, Kulasekarapattinam 11, Keela Arasadi 3, Kadambur 19, Maniyachi 10, Vedanatham 5, Surangudi 7.50, Kadalkudi 9, Vaippar 11 and Kalugumalai 6.

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